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Red Flag Review

Having “been around the block”, we understand the base needs of every organization. Over time, our attorneys have learned that most companies’ corporate, employment and business documents and attendant legal processes do not accurately reflect the means by which the companies’ operate and are often inadequate to meet regulatory scrutiny. Unfortunately, most companies do not learn of this circumstances until they are under the watchful eye of a state or federal regulatory (in Minnesota, it’s often the Department of Labor or Department of Revenue) or confronted by a disgruntled employee’s attorney. Still, hiring an attorney to redraft everything is an expensive proposition…..and not always necessary. This is where the Red Flag Review was born. Our attorneys conduct an audit of your company’s organizational documents, buy/sell agreements, employment documentation (W-9s, I9s, Offer Letters, Employment Agreements, Handbooks, Policies and Procedures, Filing Systems), vendor contracts and other agreements (as requested) and provides a check-list of needed modifications and updates. The fee is project based (that is, a flat fee) as agreed upon by you and the firm….and, if there is a desire to have us perform any work based upon our findings, you will receive a 15% discount off our standard rates.

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