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Real Property

Seiler Law has represented individuals and organizations in real estate transactions approaching $75,000,000 in aggregate value.

Each transaction takes on a life of its own and Seiler Law is known for his understanding of the standard issues that arise in almost every transaction (so you won’t waste time or money negotiating the obvious), and many of the outlying issues that are hidden to a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant. In addition to guiding clients through the purchase, sale and or leasing of property, Seiler Law has managed complex 1031 tax deferral transactions, as well as “reverse 1031 transactions.”

Real estate is a complex area of the law, subject to many different regulations, actors and disparate situations. When differences arise, whether between neighbors, landlords and tenants, or a property owner and the government, Seiler Law steps in to manage the situations, generate a resolution and, if necessary, zealously advocate on our client’s behalf.

Common Real Estate Matters We Address:

  • Purchase Agreement Drafting and Negotiation for the Seller or Buyer
  • Lease Drafting and Negotiation for the Landlord or Tenant
  • Lending and Banking Negotiations and Document Drafting
  • Property Disputes
  • Unlawful Detainer/Eviction Matters
  • Insurance Issues
  • County and City Regulatory (zoning, et al) Matters

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