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“Attorney, Advocate and Advisor” has been Scott’s motto for over 27 years as a lawyer, but not necessarily in that order. Scott attributes his success to experiences starting at a young age, when he began working alongside his father, brother, uncle and cousin in the family business. “I learned by watching and absorbing lessons about how to treat people and assist with their needs. Now, after years of experience working along-side business owners and real-estate investors, I can drill down and spot practical and legal problems in a transaction, corporate document, or employment structure that others simply don’t see.”

Scott’s focus is working with all types of businesses, including start-ups, established organizations and those preparing to exit their companies, sometimes helping with one-off projects, but usually serving in a long-term capacity as the company’s corporate counsel and owner’s personal attorney. As his clientele grew, so did their needs, and Scott found himself immersed in matters well-beyond the scope of corporate structure and contract negotiations, most of which are regulatory in nature. He has dealt with a plethora employment law situations, acting as general consultant, contract drafter, disciplinarian, severance negotiator and defender of company rights. He has faced off against national law firms, as well as the Minnesota Departments of Labor, Revenue and DEED, the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Agency and Homeland Security (who enforces I-9 violations).

Helping businesses grow and succeed is one of the benefits of Scott’s practice, which is why he also loves working with clients in the real estate field. Whether purchasing, buying or leasing, real estate is one of the few areas in business where both sides can “win.” Scott enjoys negotiating the terms of purchase agreements and leases, almost as much as he likes watching his clients change and grow following each transaction.

Although he finds all business transactions interesting and important, it’s the sales and acquisitions that excite Scott. “Assisting a client with the sale of a business and helping them move on to the next stage in life or assisting another purchase and grow an organization is extremely fulfilling and a great incentive to make sure they get the best deal possible.”

Scott’s interests extend beyond legal matters. He provides insight and direction as the President of the Sholom Community Alliance Board of Directors and as a member of the Board of Directors of Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute, and is actively engaged in a variety of community and philanthropic efforts.

Serving clients and the community is Scott’s second passion. His first is spending time with his brilliant and beautiful wife and tremendous cadre of children. He teaches alpine skiing in the winter and enjoys road biking in warmer weather. Scott is a self-confessed obnoxious UMD Bulldog hockey fanatic, (American) history junkie and enjoys historical fiction, philosophy, theology, and bothering the family with his eclectic music tastes.

Scott is a graduate of Hamline University School of Law (Dean’s List) and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (B.A. in Political Science, with a minor in American Studies). While at the U of M, Scott was the media liaison in the Minnesota office of Senator Rudy Boschwitz. At Hamline, Scott served as the student representative to the first year student selection committee, writing assistant to Dean George Latimer and Law Review member. Prior to entering private practice, Scott worked as the judicial clerk to the Honorable Thomas H. Carey, Judge of Hennepin County District Court.