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James Olsen

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James understands that behind every legal problem, a plethora of human emotions and expectations linger. James strives to humanize the legal process for those who think that all lawyers are robotic in demeanor. A bit of a renaissance man himself with a varied background in business and manufacturing prior to law school, James recognizes that the journey from point A to point B is often filled with twists and turns. It is James’ mission to be the guide that simplifies that journey by removing legal headaches and providing perceptive advice for both business and life decisions.

James tends to work with people who want to start a business or see an idea come to life and helps business owners grow their business. He enjoys helping others make their vision and mission come to fruition and walking alongside them as a trusted advisor.

James views his network as his greatest asset and is always ready and willing to help his clients make meaningful connections to further their impact. When you work with James, his network becomes your network.

As a husband and father of four, James intimately understands the need to protect the assets most dear to you as well as those accumulated in the hours spent working away from family.

Outside of law, James’ interests revolve around his faith, family, and friends. He enjoys the outdoors and being active as well as organized sports that sometimes devolve into unorganized chaos. Practicing in the area of Entertainment Law, he also naturally enjoys a good movie. He has traveled to 26 different countries over the years and is a published photographer.

James is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas School of Law, University of St. Thomas (M.A. in Catholic Studies), and University of Washington (B.A. in Media Studies, with minors in Communications and Italian). Prior to practicing law, James worked overseas for Siemens Magnet Technology building MRI scanners in Oxford, UK, dabbled as a cook and a consultant, and held a myriad of other various roles over the years leading up to private practice.